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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SANTA TERESA, N.M. — New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez visited Santa Teresa to talk about industrial growth and new jobs coming to the area during a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday afternoon. The ribbon cutting ceremony was for the official opening of a new terminal for the Santa Teresa Southern Railroad and their installation of 2.5 miles of new track alongside Union Pacific. "It has grown beyond our expectations, quicker than we expected and I think it's just going to take off even further," Martinez said. The governor applauded the growth that's taken place during the last two years.

She said the goal is to continue to attract new business to the area by having the infrastructure already in place. "We have invested $5 million to make sure that water and wastewater facilities are here," Martinez said. Secretary of Economic Development Jon Barela said the infrastructure will also allow companies to expand.

"Now we're building a 20,000 square foot addition here and 30,000 square foot addition there," Barela said. "It's jobs for New Mexicans." Two existing companies, Southwest Steel Coil and Mallory Metals, announced they would be hiring 20 new employees each to fill their now larger facilities. Barela said it's all centered around good infrastructure and vowed to continue working with their Mexican counterparts to continue the growth in Santa Teresa.

"That's going to lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs in the future and this is laying the foundation for that," Barela said.

Article From: Juan Gutierrez - Reporter